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Carol Flower to celebrate birthday with the needy people

NTV Uganda GXP Gospel show presenter Carol Flower is set to celebrate her birthday for the first time on her own and she is doing it for the cause. On 30th September, she will join Jajja Esseza and the sick souls she takes care of at her residence. She has called on all Ugandans to join and save a life. “The aim of the party is to let the public know that these people need us more and we can do something that will change their lives,” Carol told this website.

Carol Flower
Carol Flower

“I have never celebrated my birthday on my own. I would love to do it this year. But with Jajja Essezza. Lost her husband to HIV and has been positive for over 20years. Jajja Esseza has never been down or even bed ridden. Because of this, she decided to take care of these lovely souls as a way of giving back to God. She begs on the streets to sustain them. Some are now teenagers and she says they are very beautiful at heart.
Join me as I celebrate my birthday with Jajja Esseza foundation on the 30th Sep.2016 at her residence. All she needs is Food, Beddings, Pads and Scholastic materials,” Flower posted.


Click on the link to check on the people she is talking about

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