Cameroon Gitawo, Meddie to announce new name for their group

Money Lord Cameroon Gitawo is set to meet with his team member Meddie Ssentongo ahead of announcing the new name for their showbiz group. The new name to replace The Money Team (TMT) Africa which they have since ceased using a few months ago is due very soon according to Gitawo.

Gitawo, Meddie and a friend in South Africa
Gitawo, Meddie and a friend in South Africa

Meddie has arrived in South African today ahead of meeting with Gitawo to formulate a new name. “New name coming sooooooon,” Gitawo said.


After the new is revealed, the group is planning massive luxurious parties in East Africa in December this year. They will launch in Kenya and Tanzania on top of their Uganda brand. “We are taking over showbiz in East Africa,” Gitawo added.


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