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Bryan White visits Boat Accident scene, offers moral and financial support as search for more bodies continues

UPDF & UPF marine teams said no more hopes of survivors

32 people have been confirmed dead

The evening of Saturday November 24th 2018 will forever remain imprinted on the memories of most Ugandans especially the survivors, relatives, family members and friends of all revelers who had gone for a boat cruise /partying only to demise.

During the course of the cruise, the boat allegedly got mechanical issues and took in gallons of water forcing it to capsize.

It’s alleged that of the over 120 revelers onboard, only 29 made it to safety and the rest were found floating both the dead and some alive. As of now, 32 people have been confirmed dead with others uncounted for.

Bryan Whit, the chief of Bryan White Foundation (BWF) cut short his busy schedule and went to Mutima beach to join the men in Uniform (Uganda People’s Defense Forces and Uganda Police Force) in their efforts to recover the bodies of our fallen brethren.

He offered both financial and moral support and also helped mobilize local divers and fishermen to further navigate the waters of Lake Victoria to that cause.

The search for more bodies is ongoing and we hope and pray that the bodies are recovered soon. The search teams have ruled any hopes of finding survivors. Our prayers go out to the bereaved and May the Souls of the departed Rest In Peace.

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