Brewing Farewell: Uganda Breweries Says Cheers to Former Board Chairman Japheth Katto

Brewing Farewell: Uganda Breweries Says Cheers to Former Board Chairman Japheth Katto

Uganda Breweries Limited (UBL) on Thursday hosted a glittering event that combined glitz and glamour as they bid a fond farewell to their former Board Chairman, Japheth Katto, also known as Chief, who has been at the helm of the organization since 2018.

The farewell soirée, attended by industry leaders, stakeholders, prominent figures, and the diplomatic community was a night to remember as the company celebrated Katto’s remarkable contributions and leadership during his tenure.

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The event, held at Kampala Serena Hotel, was a fusion of sophistication and nostalgia. Guests were treated to an exquisite evening filled with Johnnie Walker experience, toasts, tributes, and entertainment, creating an atmosphere that was truly electrifying.

Katto’s journey with UBL was not just a corporate one; it was a partnership that brewed success. Under his guidance, the brewery achieved remarkable milestones, including becoming the third biggest taxpayer in Uganda, contributing hundreds of billions to the Government in terms of taxes.

His visionary leadership and commitment to excellence have left an indelible mark on the company’s legacy.
As the night unfolded, guests reminisced about Katto’s time at the helm, sharing anecdotes and stories that highlighted his impact on both the company and the broader business landscape. It was a poignant moment when Katto himself took the stage to express his gratitude and share his own reflections on the journey.

Entertainment was not in short supply either, as the evening featured performances by renowned Janzi Band, and poetry artists, adding a touch of showbiz glamour to the farewell event. The music, dance, and laughter filled the air, making it an unforgettable night.
The farewell to Japheth Katto marks the end of an era at Uganda Breweries Limited, but it also signifies a new chapter of ushering in Jimmy Mugerwa as the new Board Chairman. in the company’s history.

Mugerwa in his remarks said that UBL looks forward to building on what Katto established continuing to innovate, and setting new standards in the brewing industry.
In this blend of glitz and glamour, Uganda Breweries celebrated a man who not only chaired their board but also became a symbol of leadership and success. Japheth Katto’s legacy will undoubtedly linger on, inspiring the future of the brewing industry in Uganda and beyond.

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