Bobi Wine to start a corporate theme night

Following the stoppage of Bebe Cool show at Club Amnesia, Bobi Wine wants to have a theme night in a corporate place to throw jibes at his nemesis.Bobi Wine is starting a night to get back to Bebe Cool's failed Club Amnesia night

Bobi Wine is starting a night to get back to Bebe Cool’s failed Club Amnesia night

The Ghetto president singer has been in discussions with Barbeque Lounge and Laftaz Lounge for the themed night. Sources close to the ‘Kiggwa Leero’ singer have intimated to us that he has concluded with Laftaz to have a theme night there every week to mingle with his corporate fans who had deserted Busaabala.

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Bebe Cool furiously called the Laftaz management saying “Why did you guys allow Bobi Wine to have a night there” and apparently he was told him it was business and he got furious. Watch the space!

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