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Black Wall Street Economic War gears on as another top actor joins

Black Wall Street Economic War is becoming a giant issue for Africans as more and more celebrities join Charles N. Lambert to push the agenda. 
Adebayo Salami is the house hold name actor in West Africa to join a host of celebrities in the Black Wall Street Economic War spearheaded by Charles N. Lambert.
Adebayo has joined Economic War
Yorubas are one of the most powerful ethnic groups in Africa. Their influence in Africa covers from Nigeria to Ghana and more. Yourubas are intelligent, proud and self assured hence a very important segment of the African population.
“The Economic War is pleased to welcome arguably the biggest traditional Yoruba actor Femi Adebayo of the dynasty of Adebayo Salami.  Femi brings influence of this ethnic group to a huge proportion. His acting skills also cuts across various tribal and ethnic lines. Welcome on board Femi, together we shall save our continent from capital flight bringing prosperity to generation unborn,” Charles N. Lambert said.

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