Bebe Cool is a P***sy – Lisa Mandy

Singer is in bar brawl with super model over Kenzo

Lisa Mandy accuses Liquid Silk bouncers of unfairness

Finland based former Uganda super model Lisa Mandy has labeled singer Bebe Cool a p***sy after he attacked at Silk Liquid last night. Bebe attacked and poured a cocktail of spirits at Lisa who is in the country for holiday.

Lisa Mandy was attacked by Bebe Cool

Lisa Mandy was attacked by Bebe Cool

The singer accused Lisa of congratulating Eddy Kenzo upon his BET award and Bebe told her she should not have done so thereby attacking her with alcohol and hauling all kinds of insults to her. The model was later thrown out of the hang out and yet Bebe Cool was not touched yet he is the one started the brawl. Lisa accused Liquid Silk management of unfairness and labeled them partisan and vowed never to go back there. “Liquid Silk bouncers were so unfair; they were all behind Bebe Cool. “I have never fought in a club and i can never fight anyone in any hangout and i am a lady so it was a shame for Bebe Cool to fight an innocent lady,” Lisa said.  Lisa later released a statement on her Facebook wall as below;

Bebe Cool has been accused of wrongly attacking Lisa Mandy

Bebe Cool has been accused of wrongly attacking Lisa Mandy

Lisa Mandy; Just weeks after the Guvnor blow where we saw someone losing his life, People have not yet learnt to behave while in Club. Last night me and my girls, Judith Heard, Candy Kardesh and Atafo went to Liquid Silk. As i moved around the club, I came across an old acquaintance Jenkins, while i was still talking to him, Bebe Cool came and confronted me that I betrayed him when i congratulated Eddy Kenzo upon winning the BET award.

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Just to give you a throwback, Bebe Cool used to frequent DJ lotta´s studio on Wilson road in my vacation where i worked. It was through these visits that I got to know him and later his wife Zuena. Now here he is standing before me accusing me of betraying him because i congratulated Eddy Kenzo. He had a drink in a glass (smelt like a mixture of cheap vodka and coke), the bastard shockingly threw his drink in my face…I was all engulfed in the smelly vodka. My acquaintance disappeared in thin air, It was Atafo who ran back where my friends were seated to ask them to come to my rescue. Bebe Cool continued throwing insults at us. Surprisingly all bouncers were rallying behind him. We were thrown out of Liquid Silk. This incident threw me back to the Johnnie saga in Guvnor, I suppose I had my boyfriend with me, something similar could have happened. I must say I was unfairly treated by Liquid silk management, and to you Bebe Cool, you are a real P***SY. You have never won any fist fight with any man. In all club blows you have been involved; you ended up in Cardic clinic. Your pride comes when you engage an alcohol compromised small girl like me. You are no body but a mere pussy. Trying to bring Zuena Kirema in every fight ‘Mbu’ she is better than me dude really??

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