Prince Ehmah suffers from mental depression

Funny man Prince Ehmah aka Napoleone is not doing well mentally according to the latest reaching our desk. He is currently in depression after weeks of misfortune to his life. Apparently trouble started when a boda guy carrying two passengers rammed into his car from the sides then fell under the car and it broke him. Without insurance and a permit, the guy was put behind bars for a week…but he was released on bond.

Prince Ehmah has had terrible weeks of recent

Prince Ehmah has had terrible weeks of recent

Then in the following week, he went to Soroti by bus to MCee a wedding and borrowed a car and while heading to the reception, he knocked another boda rider who died after a week. The next day he got news that his bar in Kireka was robbed clean with TVs, Speakers, chairs etc all taken.

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The next day his ex (the baby-mama) went to his home with the baby claiming the baby had grown and needed more stuff than the support he had been sending her. She made noise that brought neighbours out and he was forced to sort things ‘behind close doors’ yet he wanted a time alone… So the chap got overwhelmed, depressed, and mentally disturbed. He went to the hospital and the doctor recommended him to have some time off and rest. He is now hunting for a secret location to rest from.

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