Baileys delights ladies with Women’s Day giveaways

Baileys delights ladies with Women’s Day giveaways

In celebration of the International Women’s Day, the World’s best- selling cream liqueur, Baileys treated women on their special day to delish moments.

Bailey’s lovers were given an opportunity to delight their favourite women with the lip smacking delicious liqueur.

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They were required to tag the women who have inspired them and why using the hash tag #Women’s Day Delight.

“We all have that amazing woman that has inspired us. Delight her this Women’s Day with 750ml Baileys Delight bottle. Tag that woman that has inspired you and tell us how. Post with the hash tag #Women’s Day Delight,” read the post.

The most inspiring comments were randomly picked and delighted with 750ml Baileys Delight.

“Here we have our #Women’s Day Delight winners. We are happy to delight each one of these inspiring women with some Baileys Delight,” stated the Baileys Instagram page.

15 lucky winners benefited from the Baileys Women’s Giveaway.

Below are some of the outstanding stories that earned the ladies the Baileys Delight.

“Aya Wini is the woman I aspire to be some day. She effortlessly carries herself with composure even in the hardest of times. She wears her scars with pride and is always there by my side adjusting my crown whenever it slips. I don’t know where I would be without this woman. Happy Women’s Day,” posted Badbellah.

A one Lordin_luts posted, “The woman that inspires me is the wonderful Winnie Agatha, I believe God sent you to me three years ago as a blessing. You have always held me down in my toughest of times, always pushing me to do better and assuring me that everything will be okay. You inspire me through how you deal with your difficult situations. I am grateful for, and deeply appreciate your kindness. This women’s day is definitely dedicated to you”

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