Azawi proves why she shines brightest in new Majje video

Azawi proves why she shines brightest in new Majje video

With one of Africa’s most streamed albums of 2021 to her name and an enlistment as one of Guinness’ brand influencers on the continent, it is only right that Azawi and Fik Fameica let confetti pop over their heads.

On this visual collaborative effort with premium beer brand Guinness, Azawi offers fans the hustler’s anthem of the year as she looks back to where she started, how far she has come and cannot help but celebrate.

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Nevertheless, she preaches that the reward for hard work is more hard work, likening her work ethic to that of a soldier for the chorus.

Fans today at midday were treated to the new visuals of the fifth effort off her African Music album in a dazzling visual collaboration with the premium froth.

The visuals are shot and directed by her fellow Black Shines Brightest campaign influencer Sasha Vybz.

The seasoned cinematographer offers high end cinematic visuals that see Azawi stroll through a taxi infested street, mounted on a horse, with fellow Black Shines Brightest influencer cum comedian Uncle Mo, who abandons his mechanical repairs to gaze at the songstress’ cowboy inspired aesthetic.

Sasha’s cinematic opening braces fans for more star quality as Fik Fameica, her wingman, is unveiled sitting on a throne while sipping from the golden chalice of worth and achievement.

This is a fete only worthy of he who has done it and made it.Sasha Vybz does not grow weary in well doing as he lines up a suit clad Azawi and Uncle Mo to celebrate Guinness’ Black Shines Brightest campaign at a press briefing with a barrage of paparazzi flashlights.

Beyond the glitz and the glamour, the video is primarily set in the ghetto to balance out the narrative between the success and the process.

Azawi is a living testimony to black shining brightest. From obscurity, to being signed by a premium label before churning out one of the continent’s most streamed albums of 2021.

This is the ultimate hustler’s anthem and the video only raised the bar.Spectacular efforts.

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