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Anja de Feijter, Executive Director ADC speaks out on agriculture

ADC is an Agribusiness Development Centre aimed at improving the lives of farmers by helping them effectively produce quantified and qualified agricultural products.

While speaking to journalists on Thursday evening, the ED said that they are elated to be the trainers of the farmers of Best Farmers competition which sees Ugandan best farmers flown to Netherlands where they are further trained and advised on how to improve their farming.

She advised the farmers to expect a lot more on their trip to Netherlands and not to come back empty handed but rather embrace the skills they will be taught, and that when they come back, they can share the knowledge with the rest of the farmers.

Anja is also the Chairperson of NUTIP, Netherlands Uganda Trade and Investment Platform and she said she is looking forward to working with the Team and strengthening the Netherlands Uganda relations.

Ananje further praised Uganda as one country blessed with good soils, possible access to water and argued the minister to work hand in hand with the ministry of water and improve irrigation.

She said this initiative would give farmers more opportunity to farm on larger scales and produce all seasons and with such food prices would reduce making it easy for every Ugandan.

ADC trains farmers in financial literacy, governance and marketing where they are then linked to financial institutions.

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