An interview with Marketing Manager- Fresh Dairy, Vincent Omoth on why Fresh Dairy long life UHT milk lasts 90 days without refrigeration

An interview with Marketing Manager- Fresh Dairy, Vincent Omoth on why Fresh Dairy long life UHT milk lasts 90 days without refrigeration

Fresh Dairy Marketing Manager Mr. Vincent Omoth talks to Showbiz Uganda on why Fresh Dairy long life UHT milk lasts 90 days without refrigeration. Here is his full interview;

Fresh Dairy has recently unveiled a new campaign – Milkygoodness. Tell us what the campaign is all about.

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Milkygoodness is a new campaign through which Fresh Dairy has heightened communication for its Fresh Dairy Longlife milk which has an Extended Shelf Life of 90 days.

Why does Fresh Dairy Longlife UHT milk last 90-days?

Fresh Dairy has invested in state-of-the-art equipment which ensures sterility throughout the entire process of producing Fresh Dairy Long life milk. The process of making Fresh Dairy Longlife milk involves pasteurization of milk, ensuring a closed processing system and usage of food grade high quality packaging material. Pasteurization means that Fresh Dairy Longlife milk is free of organisms that could grow and contribute to quality deterioration.The sterile closed-system production process safeguards the product quality. The high quality packaging is done in a sterile environment and packed in a manner that not even air can pass through hence ensuring the 90-day shelf life.

What makes Fresh Dairy Long Life UHT milk unique?

Fresh Dairy Long life milk continues to be popular for its 90-day shelf life, the convenience/shopper experience that it offers, no need to refrigerate and having two pack options: 500ML pack carton of 12 pieces and 200ML pack carton of 21 pieces. It offers convenience to consumers because for 3 months, one can stock up a carton or more and not worry about back and forth trips to the shops, or even be caught up in the morning and evening rush time.

This implies that even families that don’t own fridges can still feel comfortable buying and stocking up Fresh Dairy’s Long life UHT milk (ESL: Extended Shelf Life) in their homes.

Further still, the Fresh Dairy Long Life UHT milk is renowned for its unique fresh taste of milk, it’s a ready-to-drink, has culinary benefits such as being an ingredient for Tea, Coffee, add into cereals and porridge, mandazi’s, chapattis, cakes among others.

It is also full cream and nutrient rich with Energy, Carbohydrates, Protein, Fat and Calcium among others, crucial to support the body with essential nutrition.

How has Fresh Dairy ensured that the Ugandan farmers benefit from this new campaign?

At Fresh Dairy, we work with over 30,000 small and large scale dairy farmers, from whom we source the milk we use in our products every day, which makes the newly rebranded Fresh Dairy Long Life UHT milk 100% Ugandan.

The income that the farmers earns from the milk supplied to Fresh Dairy supports in improving their respective families’ livelihoods. With heightened sales anticipated from the Milkygoodness Fresh Dairy Longlife UHT milk campaign, farmers will benefit even more because of increased milk demand.

How are you ensuring that the Fresh Dairy Long life UHT milk pack is readily available?

We are working with our countrywide extensive network of distributors, agents and retailers to ensure that our consumers can access Fresh Dairy’s Long life milk (ESL: Extended Shelf Life) pack countrywide in Shops, Duukas, Supermarkets, Kiosks and Tricycle agents.

Consumers are also encouraged to place home delivery orders Monday to Saturday, 8am to 5pm by simply calling customer care toll free on 0800100020/21 or WhatsApp 0715744664.

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