Airtel switches on Second 5G Site at Speke Apartments in Kampala, Paving the Way for Enhanced Connectivity

Airtel switches on Second 5G Site at Speke Apartments in Kampala, Paving the Way for Enhanced Connectivity

Kampala: Airtel Uganda, A Reason to Imagine has yesterday switched on a second 5G site at Speke Apartments in Kampala ushering in a new era of ultra-fast and reliable connectivity for its customers.

The announcement was made today during a press briefing held at Speke apartments on Wampewo Avenue.

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This is an addition to the recently installed 5G site in Buganda which was launched on 3oth July 2023 in Bulange- Mengo showcasing Airtel Uganda’s readiness in rolling out the 5G network across the country after securing the spectrum from Uganda Communication commission.

Mr. manoj murali Airtel Uganda Managing Director, expressed his excitement about the company’s 5G expansion, stating “We are thrilled to unveil another 5G site here in Kampala aimed at empowering individuals and businesses to embrace new opportunities and unlock their full potential in the digital era.”

He added, “Kampala is the heart of business in Uganda characterized by high socio-economic activity and with the addition of more 5G sites, we are bringing ultra-fast and reliable network with speeds up to 511.5Gbps and above, giving our customers access to improved telecommunication services via Airtel’s 5G Network to connect families and friends to their loved ones, as well as businesses to their existing customers or new prospects with ease and confidence.”

While embracing the newly installed 5G technology, Dr.Sudhir Ruparelia who is also the proprietor of Speke Apartments said “Communication is very vital to every business. I remember before I used to travel and business would come to a standstill because I wasn’t around. My office had to wait for many hours before making any decision. Now with the available Internet, decision making is easy and business has grown and we appreciate enablers like Airtel Uganda for always staying ahead in introducing products and services like the 5G network that not only ease our day to day lives but as well support our businesses.”

“I am sure every person is using a mobile phone to transform their lives. We have gone from 1G to 3G, 4G and now 5G is here. These high speeds will help businesses to run smoothly because internet is no longer a luxury but a necessity.” Sudhir added.

The 5G Network can support up to 1 million connected devices per square kilometre compared to 4G which can only support up to 100,000 connected devices in a similar area. This makes 5G the suitable network over which remote teams can collaborate to undertake tasks like surgery, shared online school classes, farmers can share live video farming tips, engineering tasks over video and stream gaming, and other entertainment experiences.

“In line with our new brand promise of supporting our communities and Ugandans to have A Reason to Imagine, we will continue to roll out products and services as well as improve our infrastructure, like the 5G deployment we have unveiled today so that we can revolutionize the way people, businesses and industries connect which investment is aimed at improving their productivity because of the networks super-fast internet speeds,” murali concluded.

Over 2500 sites will be powered by Airtel on a site by site basis and a list of roll out plans will be issued on Airtel’s Website and social media platforms. The 5G Network will be accessed by customers with 5 G-compatible devices.

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