Africa’s First Energy Drink, Kabisa, to enter Ugandan Market

Mutalo Group, an international company in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) segment has announced it will soon enter Uganda’s market. The company will be introducing its flagship energy drink branded ‘Kabisa’ in a few weeks to come. The brand has been on other African markets including Angola, Namibia and Comoro Islands for the last 2 years and is already gaining a hold on the market.

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According Mutalo Group Co-Founder Tomasz Nowowiejski, one of the main properties that make Kabisa different from other energy drinks is that it is mainly made for the African market.

“Our brand stands out from the competition because we bring proper value for money. Kabisa is based on great quality ingredients which is why people are eager to pay more for it. However it is one of the most affordable ones in the market,” he said in a statement.

Nowowiejski noted the Ugandan beverage market has a tendency to be bi-polarized

“There are very cheap, low quality drinks and on the other hand, high quality ones which are often heavily overpriced. There is hardly anything in between but that is about to change once Kabisa appears on the display shelves. The price of Kabisa will be on average 70% to 80% of the price of the competition. As a result, the customers who are looking for something of good quality won’t have to spend twice as much,” he added.

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Further, he explained international giants offer their branded products in Africa, but use the same packaging, pricing and marketing strategies that they use all over the world.

“Kabisa is one of the first international companies from outside the continent to understand that Africa is different and has different needs. Kabisa’s African design, tropical taste and branded fridges create a specific, friendly atmosphere, which describes the African continent’s atmosphere,” says Nowowiejski.

The drink was created by two former Managing Directors from Jumia Africa. With its main facilities based in Poland, they formed a production company, Mutalo Group, which aims to revolutionize the energy drink market in Africa.

“Kabisa was created with Africa and its people in mind. Food and beverage industries have been evolving and expectations towards healthier solutions have surfaced. Increasing consumer awareness and greater interest in high quality products is what inspired us to find an answer to our consumers’ needs and concerns. This is what we care about and what we focused on when we created this product. Our delectable, high-quality beverage is an immediate and perfect solution to everyone’s craving for natural freshness,” he concluded


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