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Adriana Mutoni, the model with a big dream

Adriana Mutoni is a runway model who also does billboard, photo shoots as a model. She is married and the couple have one baby boy.

Mutoni striking a pose
Mutoni striking a pose

Mutoni says keeping young and hard work inspires her and her dream is to leave a legacy in this world. “I am looking up to making a training school for both young and big models of all types”.


Mutoni (in red) with her model pals
Mutoni (in red) with her model pals

SB: How has been your modeling life?

Mutoni: I should say interesting, fun and I got connections. The only challenge is with the poor payments to models in Uganda and may be it being seasonal. Other than that, it would be a very good filed.


SB: Who inspired you into modeling?

Mutoni: Some designer called Latif Madoi. I didn’t know I could model or make a nice one, but he told me my height and my body were perfect to do so. so, i tried it out and I liked it and when I did my first show I was very happy and trained more and more.



SB: What do you think of Uganda Modeling industry?

Mutoni: It’s growing and promising. The future looks bright for it.



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