A Must Watch Ugandan Drama Thriller; House Arrest

A Must Watch Ugandan Drama Thriller; House Arrest

Award winning actress Faridah Kuteesa Farshee has continued to thrill in local movies and the latest being House Arrest set for release in August.Faridah Kuteesa FarsheeFaridah Kuteesa Farshee

Farshee won Pearl International Film Festival Award 2014 of the Best Actress for her roles in ‘The Clan’s Wife’ and ‘Village Girl’ as well Uganda Film Festival award.A scene in the House Arrest

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A scene in the House Arrest

House Arrest dram thriller which is about a woman who can’t get out of her house whenever she tries to the body heats up because of her husband’s ghost.11107737_984393674912913_989846969668395795_nOther Actors in the movie are Jakira, Dianah Nabatanzi and Hassan Mageye and the ghost is William.11202600_992779127407701_7867535986766569536_nIt will be officially released on 4th August 2015 at the National Theatre. The drama thriller was directed by Joseph S Ken.11012005_992779137407700_411898613477734911_n



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