Mario Balotelli an Italian professional footballer once displayed an inner T-shirt with the words ‘WHY ALWAYS ME’ as he celebrated a goal for Manchester city.

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This was in question to why he was always in Trouble.
The same question should be made to pastor Jackson Ssenyonga of Christian life church in Bwaise, WHY ALWAYS HIM.

On 4th May 2022 New Vision run a story on the start of the Hearing of a 5B case against him. It appears he breached a contract with a business man a one bisaaso and went as far as issuing bounced cheques.

This is not the first time the God is involved in scandal.

He is known to have openly told the president of Uganda that Pastor Kakande had a mass grave underneath his church.

Then years ago he was in the spotlight for having molested an underage girl while on an international flight.

A number of times he has been in the spotlight for going months without paying his employees at both Top radio and Tv but sources have it that he intimidates them into not pursuing the cases before the courts of law.

A man known to att ack his fellow pastors like; Kakande, Bujingo and Kayanja, Sseyonga is also battling a case against his own family members over property.

Just a few days ago Tamale Mirundi was on a local Television and stated that Pastor Ssenyonga claimed to have donated food during the covid lockdown through his ministry and yet he had actually got the food from the National Task force on covid.

His head of security called Waswa is currently battling against a case of Aggravated robbery and Ssenyonga is said to have stated before police that he was actually with waswa the day the alleged robbery is said to have taken place.

However a number of witnesses put waswa at the crime scene.

Just last year he tried to use a group of youthful men to attack Rubaga miracle centre with allegations of non payment and sodomy.

Turns out some of the men had criminal cases against them in Kiryandongo.

Ssenyonga was also accused by a group of pastors who stated that he had told them to collect lump sum amounts of money and once collected he would use it to solicit for more funds from the president for them.

It didn’t come to pass.
The list is endless but the Man of God should know that you can lie man but you can’t lie God.

It might be easy to manipulate the judicial or any other system in the country but it will not be that easy on Judgement day.

In Daniel 5 in the bible a mysterious hand wrote on the wall MENE MENE TEKEL PARSIN.

Daniel interpreted for King Belshazzar and it meant that his days were outnumbered as he had been weighed by God and found to be wanting.

Pastor Ssenyonga hope you have not been weighed
The proverbial cat has nine lives and thief has twenty one days; Pastor Ssenyonga is slowly and surely running out of lives and days.

He should look himself in the mirror and ask; WHY ALWAYS ME.

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