100 girls audition for the Jewel of the Nile beauty Pageant

Over 100 girls on Saturday auditioned for the Jewel of the Nile beauty pageant at MacKinnon Suites Kampala.  Judges chose 17 GIRLS that will be taken into boot camp in Jinja before the event’s grand finale in Jinja on 20th  August 2016.

Jewel of the Nile beauty pageant is set for the grand Final 20th August 2016 Bax Banqueting Suites in Jinja, Uganda. The organiser of the event Nancy Mugga earlier this month revealed that event will be graced by Hollywood stars.


“Now That the Auditions Are Finished, Allow Mama Jewel To Introduce To You The Contestants Manager For Jewel Of The Nile International Charity Beauty Pageant. Former Miss Uganda UK Contestant, Ex Model Madarakka Fashions, Board Member African Women’s Development Project UK, Volunteer for Nancy Mugga Charity & Ganda Foundations. In Jewel Mode We Give You Miss Alisha Miliam. See you on 20th August 2016 at Bax Banqueting Suites in Jinja, Uganda for the grand finale,” Nancy Mugga said.

Contestants manager Alisha Miliam
Contestants manager Alisha Miliam

“Today was the main audition for the Jewel of the Nile beauty pageant. I would like to thank each and everyone that was part of this project. Shout out to my boss and friend Nancy Mugga for trusting me and having confidence in me to coordinate the event. Thanks to you Patricia Ssewungu through you i have met very incredible people. I want to thank the brilliant working team Juliet Bebe, Jackie, Ritah, chucci, Melvin Beliz Uganda, Emma and whole crew from Sprout Africa. The judges i cant thank you enough. Miss Uganda 2012 Phiona Bizzu my in-law uncle Paul, Joram Muzira Job from the award winning model agency Joram Model Management. Uncle Emma my producer. You guys are all amazing. To all the girls that took time off to come and be part of this i cant thank you enough we couldn’t have achieved this. I wanna thank the media from all media houses. Lastly i wanna thank my family from Kezzi Entertainment my elders and mentors Brenda Nanyonjo, Kevin Zziwa Mutengu Tonny Gtct from you i have gained more experience and am becoming better at events management i wouldn’t have made it with you i celebrate you. Thanks for believing in me and always giving the opportunity to learn. Thank you all,” Martyn Larry posted.


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