Youth Group honors Rajiv Ruparelia for championing Ugandan Youth

A registered Ugandan Youth Group that is composed of thousands of Ugandan Youth across the country with the main purpose of joining efforts with the Government of Uganda to promote the youth cause of fighting unemployment in Uganda has awarded Rajiv Ruparelia, the lead Director of Ruparelia Group of Companies for his outstanding contribution, work and supporting the Youth of Uganda.

Rajiv after receiving the honour
Rajiv after receiving the honour

Young Power Uganda recognizes Pro-Youth Individuals and Companies. With 3.4% population growth rate and 35m people with over 70% unemployment the economy cannot sustain the big numbers, that is why Young Power Uganda are trying to recognize those individuals and entities that are putting the Youth cause upfront.

Rajiv Ruparelia has over the past seven (7) years taken the unique initiative in the Ruparelia Billion dollar Business Empire to employ thousands of Ugandan Youth in Ruparelia Group most especially in Rosebud Flower Farm, Premier Roses Flower Farm, Crane Bank, Speke Group of Hotels (Munyonyo Common Wealth Resort, Speke Hotel, Kabira Country Club, Speke Resort Munyonyo, Dolphin Suites, Forest Cottages) Sanyu FM, Gold Star Insurance, Meera Investments, Crane Management Services, Kampala Parents School, Kampala International School Uganda (KISU) Delhi Public School Uganda (DPS), Victoria University Kampala, Ruparelia Foundation, Crane Financial Services among other outstanding organisations and companies.


The Working for Youth Award was awarded to Rajiv Ruparelia for his direct positive actions to Ugandan Young people such as himself. The Youth Group Award recognizes his significant contribution to the Ugandan Youth Communities.

Rajiv Ruparelia is a Young Entrepreneur who has demonstrated support to other young entrepreneurs across the country. The Award also recognized his leadership in Project Management as he is currently the one of the Country’s number one driver in construction projects such as Speke Apartments on Wampewo Avenue, The Cube at Kisementi and Hardware City Complex on Entebbe Road for Nakasero Traders proving himself as a Construction Magnate.

The Youth Group also recognized the unique depth of expertise and skill he has at managing the billion dollar Ugandan Organization that was recently recognized by Forbes, an American business Magazine that features finance, industry, investing, , technology, communications, science and also well-known its lists and rankings such as Africa’s 50 Richest List – Forbes that features Ruparelia Group.

Rajiv Ruparelia is a Young man that has Uganda at Heart specifically focused at achieving development goals of other Ugandan Youths. Young people throughout Uganda are undertaking projects and initiatives ranging from poverty alleviation to Entrepreneurship in their diligent efforts at promoting and enhancing growth and development in Uganda.

Rajivs efforts:

Promoting youth participation;
Promoting economic empowerment of young people;
Take action for equality between young women and men in business;
Promoting environments in which business can be made;
Providing quality education (Kampala Parents School, Kampala International School, Delhi Public School and Uganda’s leading top quality University, Victoria University).
Engaging young people to protect the environment among others.

Upon his recognition Rajiv also the Managing Director Crane Management Services Limited (C.M.S.), a highly professional property management company, with a Strong asset base and forms part of a financially sound group having diversified business interests, including: banking, insurance, hotels, international trade, Forex Bureau operations, leisure resorts and property management & development among others said

“This Year we are scheduled to employ a minimum of 3,000 Ugandan Youth at Namulonge Flower Farm and Speke Apartments at Wampewo Avenue”.

In Down town Kampala, we are slated to providing Rental Shops and Offices to Youth in IT, Website Design, Advertising and Marketing and they will pay affordable business rent starting from Ugx 600,000/= per month”.


Other powerful organizations and Institutions that have been awarded this prestigious award are Capital Shopper Group of Posiano and Eva Ngabirano (who provide hundreds of Jobs to youth and provide them quality Lunch on a daily basis), The Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Gender, Mr. Pius Bigirimana for starting and implementing Youth Livelihood Program where Ugx 100m is recovered back on a weekly basis from Youth Ventures, Robert Kabushenga for organizing Pakasa Forum where Youth converge and learn from Successful Entrepreneurs as well as Smile Telecommunications that employs 90% Youth.

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