Young tycoon Nasser buys USD 700k  car

Young tycoon Nasser buys USD 700k car

It is true what they say, that the real tycoons of Kampala keep a low profile. Yet how young tycoon Nasser Isaac has managed to stay out of the lime light is amusing. The cat got out of the bag when he paid for an 80,000 USD surgery for girlfriend Mastuula Mutaasa. And now, sources have confirmed that he has yet an overwhelming achieving in as far as Uganda’s societal landscape is concerned.

Nasser Isaac’s Rolls Royce

He has added, on his fleet of fuel guzzlers, a limited edition Rolls Royce Wraith. Authorities from the car fraternity have intimated to us that the Rolls Royce he bought is part of the 2017 Limited Edition manufacturing, and that is the 10th of the only 13 cars that were manufactured, and that he is the only one with it in East Africa, let alone, Africa. It has been given names, but the most famous is the Ghost. The car, close friends relay, cost him 700k USD (UGX 2,590,000,000) and that he is going to pay UGX 350M atop of the 20m UGX personalized number plate.

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