‘Women stop bewitching your men’ – Carol Flower

NTV Uganda GXP Gospel show presenter, Carol Flower has advised fellow ladies to stop bewitching their men and husbands so as to keep them around.

Posting on her social media wall, Flower said God has entrusted ladies with his servants and that they shouldn’t harm them or blind them for the sake of love.

She added, “You can never rejoice in a relationship that has been built on false and bewitched love, its direct torture of someone’s life”. Below is her submission about the whole issue;

Carol Flower

“Ladies stop bewitching your husbands just to have them around you.  God has entrusted you with His servants, don’t harm them, don’t blind them. You can never genuinely rejoice in a relationship/ of 20, 30 40 years knowing it’s been built on false and bewitched love. That’s indirect torture on someone’s life. Someone’s son is not themselves for all those years.

The same way you wouldn’t want anyone to do it to your #sons don’t do it to other people’s #sons.  Let’s protect the men in our lives.

Let your #knees maintain your relationships. There is nothing God can’t fix in your relationships/marriages. True love still exists.

Get rid of such behaviors in your homes, and God will bless you abundantly,” Carol posted.

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