On Saturday 13th of February night (3am) I started having labor pains. Wasn’t sure of it. Since my EDD Was between 28th February and 12th of march but given I was expecting twins. I was told I could give birth before that. I was alone with my little sister and kids. As my husband had I kept quiet till morning since the pain was bareable.

I went to mengo hospital early morning. They took me to scan which cost 80000ugx. It was then confirmed I had no chances of pushing because of breech (both the babies were sitting) unfortunately my Dr who worked on me when I gave birth to SHAROUQ (DR SENYONGA) don’t work on Sunday so I was given another one by names of Twinomujuni.

I had to immediately sign, deposit money, choose where to be put after the operation and go in for Operation. As much as I feared C section I had no choice as I didn’t want to risk to my babies. By 4:35pm on 14th of February my babies we’re out safely and never went to nursery since I didn’t hesitate.

I was brought back to Albert cook (Annie walker room 2) this cost 2160000ugx. I was admitted in this room on Sunday 5pm and I was discharged on Tuesday 5pm. Being I came un prepared most of things used we’re from hospital. So my complete bill was 2.5.

The trauma of my life started on Tuesday. When they removed the plaster on my wound it was not dry. I complained but nothing was done. Instead I was directed By a nurse to buy some water, tube and other stuff to clean the wound myself. I got what was written for me from freca pharmacy wandegeya @250000 and went home.

On Wednesday the wound was now smelling and more wet. I took a video which can’t be posted on Facebook because of how disgusting it looks and sent it to the Dr but he claimed I would be fine. On Thursday the wound was now open I could see the inside part. Again I took the video and sent it to the DR. He told me to be patient and continue washing the wound and applying the tube I had gotten from Freca pharmacy.

Finally on Friday I got tired of complaining and told the Dr I was coming back to the hospital whether he agrees or not. That’s when he told my husband to call him when we reach the gate. On the arrival he directed US to another building not where I was. And to my shock it was general ward full of women. He checked me and told my husband to deposit 500000 or 1m . I hear for some book because he was admitting me immediately and the hospital policy doesn’t allow him to do anything before we pay. i asked him why he has been ignoring my cries? he just told my husband to go pay because im not leaving the bed.

I told him I wasnt gonna be in general ward because if I’m to be admitted my babies must be brought. His only answer was the babies could stay home if I didnt want them in general ward because Albert cook was full.

at this point I was more of a mad woman . I went out by force took my husband’s wallet told him to drive off. I no longer wanted to see this man. The Dr insisted I had no right to go anywhere else unless he wrote a referral later. I agreed to it just to save time. He wrote it. I never read through even. as I knew I was already in trouble.

I went to another hospital where they opened my wound alive and have been on treatment since it was in worse condition. I just got my second operation yet on another bill of 2100000ugx and I can finally talk and walk though in worst pain.

But let’s put all the trauma, pain and sufferings a side. What happens when someone that does not have enough money or isn’t financially stable get such issues?

How do you send someone home knowing they’re not healed and wait for them to return and start a new bill.

Govt should do something about hospitals who are exploiting people. Like Wtf do I have to double pay for my misery and pain. What kind of system is this?? Do Ministry of healthy ever look through such issues??

Now let’s say I had no more money left?? I was gonna be left to die or what exactly was gonna happen to me exactly?


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