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Why Zari chose a Texas Cancer awareness T-shirt over a Range Rover from Ringtone 

Zari over the weekend on Saturday 12th May 2018 gave an exclusive invite to Texas cancer centre director Catherine Nyongesa who came along to present her with African wears and a Cancer branded t-shirt as a way of celebration Nurses Week and also the Mothers Day on the 13th.

The two later hanged out together at the Zari’s concert which was held at Uhuru Gardens which saw the likes of Wahu performing her hit song ‘Sweet Love’.

Zari welcomed the gifts wholeheartedly which she later rocked on the t-shirt before meeting Vera Sidika on the next day before she flew out on her Cancer Awareness Kenyan Tour.

I wonder how someone would simply pick a t-shirt over a Range Rover and this simply means life is not all about luxuries.


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