What you need to know about Mpaatanel Tours & Travel, the company with affordable rates

What you need to know about Mpaatanel Tours & Travel, the company with affordable rates

Mpaatanel Tours and Travel started its operations way back in 2019, it’s is a full service travel agency dedicated to providing totally reliable and practical tour and travel solutions as it offers most competitive rates in the market.

They handle local and international travel services; including airline reservations, special and customized tours from simple to unique destinations for business or pleasure trips, hotel accommodations as well as car rentals.

Unlimited Internet - Uganda

Mpaatanel Tours and Travel is composed of dedicated employees, a full service organization dedicated to the ideals of personalized service, competence, reliability and stability and is made up of an aggressive core group of experienced professionals.

They specialize in ticketing, leisure, and tour package arrangements around Uganda.

To lead the operation of touristic services in Uganda through constant improvement, customer satisfaction and innovation. To be a company highly rentable with an outstanding excellence and with exemplary relations with the community, the environment and the social responsibility.

A firm commitment to customer satisfaction. We seek to always provide professional solutions and add value in all our services to exceed our client’s expectations and to achieve our partner’s goals. We want to create value and to make a difference, that is why we support sustainable and responsible Tourism.

Strategic Objective
To recognize that a good service is more than a competitive price; it’s a near obsessive attention to detail that transforms a good experience into an exceptional one.

At Mpaatanel Tours and Travel, we don’t want to sell you a travel package; we want to understand your needs, so we can custom design a travel solution that meets your specific requirements. We look at your opportunities and challenges and design a solution customized to fit you.

The core values of Mpaatanel Tours and Travel are customer service, loyalty, integrity, communication, innovation, quality, teamwork and responsibility. We offer the same level of service to all our clients. We comply with strict principles of professional conduct and ethics.

Why choose Mpaatanel Tours & Travels

They love to travel and want to share their excitement with you. Because of their continuous effort to do things the right way, they passionate about connecting you with local organizers to enrich your life with unforgettable trips.

Their Services
Mpaatanel Tours and Travel determination and commitment has always exceeded travellers’ expectation.
Strong Associations with budget and luxury hotels across the country enables us to give our clients their best value for money.
This trait of Mpaatanel Tours and Travel makes it the most attractive tour and travel agency for you. The team is prompt in their replies to your queries, which has earned a reputation as one of the best and most efficient tour and travel operators in Uganda by the clients.

They are here to render the best services to our clients who are part of our goal. Our clients, over the years, multiplied.

They offer the following services:
. Cultural Tours
. Heritage Tours
. Adventure Tours
. Educational Tour
. Enlightenment Journeys . Recreation Holidays
. Special Interest Journeys


Find them at Nakawa, Opposite MTAC Future Holdings Bond
TEL: 0706382027/0200902026 EMAIL: mpaatanel@gmail.com

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