What you need to know about AudRay Child & Youth Care Foundation (ACYCF)

What you need to know about AudRay Child & Youth Care Foundation (ACYCF)

AudRay Child & Youth Care Foundation Uganda (ACYCF) is a community based organization operating in Uganda with its head offices in Rugombe, Mwenge Central in Kyenjojo District as place to coordinate the operations in Kyenjojo and other districts. It started in July, 2015 operating on a local level and officially registered in February, 2020.

ACYCF is a charitable arm of God’s Chosen Ministries, a Christian group of women and men who dedicated their lives to worshipping and serving God.

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They saw the need to form an organization to put what they preach (To find yourself, you have to lose yourself in the service of others) into action, thus the birth of ACYCF.

Under the leadership of the Vision Bearer, Mrs Ampaire Audrey Musiime, ACYCF was started in order to address issues orphans face, vulnerable youth and single teenage mothers.

She was concerned by the living conditions these people face who are living in absolute poverty due to family break ups, scourge of HIV/AIDS to their parents and school drop-out due to early child pregnancies caused by poverty and ignoring of the girl child.

ACYCF Vision

To have educated, healthy and self-sustaining citizens through addressing the needs of orphans, vulnerable youth and single teenage mothers in rural communities.

ACYCF Mission

To work with communities to end illiteracy and health challenges of the world’s most vulnerable children and protecting their basic human rights by providing them with the support, opportunities and the assistance needed.

Core values

Operating with accountability and transparency

Staying true to our heritage of responsible stewardship



God Fearing


To identify and provide social needs that can enable a girl child keep in school in an effort to reduce early teenage pregnancies.

Improving the livelihood of children and youth within the Community through provision of social services like education, medical care etc.

To increase psycho social and legal support for children.

To identify and support the less privileged orphans in our area of operation.

To build the capacity of the youth and teenage mothers through skilling and providing them with basic knowledge on self-sustaining activities.

To educate and involve the youth in activities of conservation of the Environment in an effort to affect climate change.


To be the leading humanitarian organization, coordinated and effectively delivering sustainable livelihood to vulnerable groups more especially orphans, vulnerable youth and single teenage mothers with assistance such as medical care, education, income generating activities among others.

Child & Youth Care foundation Uganda cares for 3(three) groups.

  • The orphans
  • The Vulnerable Youth
  • Single teenage mothers.

Where we are: Orphans

CYCFU has 65 children who involve total orphans, 47 the helpless and those neglected by their parents or care takers.

ACYFU has been able to provide the following;• Payment of school fees on a termly basis• Provision of scholastic materials such as Books, Pens, mathematical sets• Mattresses, blankets, clothes etc• Food such as posho, rice, beans etc• Household items like basins, utensils etc.

However, as an Organization we believe that if more assistance is rendered to these and more children, they will have a sense of belonging and more hope for the future.

Currently many live in depleted houses and these put them at a risk of crawling reptiles like snakes etc.

ACYCF through contributions from members, community and well-wishers, has also been able to see these children attend school through payment of school fees and buying them uniforms. Among these children, the majority number are still in lower primary level, it is only 1(one) boy who is right now in Senior 3 that is O’Level.


However, the charity organization still face challenges whereby these contributions are not enough and inconsistent due to low incomes of the well-wishers.

On the same note, they still have a number of orphans that they would have loved to offer assistance to but because of their limited capacity, they are unable. There is an urgent need of an orphanage.

Where we are:-➢ Single Teenage Mothers

ACYCF has enrolled twenty three (23) single teenage mothers who are in ages between 14 years to 25 years. Many of these were taken advantage of as a result of dropping out of school. They could go digging to get food and in the end men take advantage and use them ending up pregnant and abandoned with no means to look after their children.

The organization has been able to offer help in form of food, clothing, and medical care for their children and also trained some in self-help projects to earn a living like;

  • Craft work making
  • Hair Dressing
  • Liquid Soap Making etc.

The organization has plans to enroll more Single Teenage Mothers and skill them in income generating activities, constructing its own learning center and equipping it with machines to aid learning.

Counselling services, the organization also offers counselling services on parenting to this group of people, HIV/Aids counselling to those that have acquired the virus in the process, sanitation/ hygiene, Spiritual among others. These have greatly improved their self-esteem and general well-being.

However, there is an urgent need to put a learning center and equipping it with machines to help more in skilling this group of people to enhance their house hold incomes.

More resources on counselling services by experienced professionals for the stigmatized single teenage mothers who have contracted the HIV virus due to their indecision on sexual matters since they are most times taken advantage of because of poverty.

Where we are:-Vulnerable Youth

This category involves children who have grown up helpless and neglected by their parents who also live in absolute poverty. Others narrate that they lost all their parents due to HIV/AIDS. They have grown up with no hope for the future involving themselves in drug abuse, sexual immorality and activities that endanger the environment in order to earn a living, like charcoal burning.

ACYCF has so far cared for twenty one (21) youth through sensitization programs on the best practices of life. Due to limited resources, the organization would have preferred to put up vocational training centers to aid in skilling them in income self-sustaining activities.

The organization also continues to carry out counseling programs to those affected with HIV virus to help them appreciate positive living.

However, due to no defined income of these youth, these people still have poor feeding habits which has directly affected their immunity and productivity in return. The organization has plans of putting up vocational training centers so as to skill them in income generating activities with the availability of funds.

The Environment; AYCF, has found out that due to illiteracy of children, unemployment and social misbehavior of the vulnerable youth and the society at large, there is a directly negative impact on the environment. They carry out bad practices of poor disposal of wastes, cutting down of trees for charcoal burning and bush burning. This has greatly affected climate change and putting a greater risk of global warming. The organization is involving and will continue to involve communities in activities of conserving the environment.

ACYCF Achievements:

  • Education of orphans through payment of school fees (65)
  • HIV/AIDS counseling for the single teenage mothers and valuable youth living with the virus.
  • Supporting the children with scholastic materials like books and pens for school on a termly basis.
  • Supporting the children with necessities such as food, clothing, beddings, soap, sugar, and match boxes among others on a quarterly basis.
  • Carried out environment conservation programs in communities.

ACYCF Area of Need:

The organization is looking for well-wishers, donors and grants to address the following areas for the targeted groups highlighted.

  • Provision of termly scholastic materials, school uniforms, payment of school fees on a termly basis.
  • Sponsors to help to add a hand to the feeding of these orphans.
  • Funds for acquisition of land and setting up an orphanage
  • Funds to carry out different sensitization programs
  • Construction of Child & Youth Care foundation Uganda (CYCFU) own offices.
  • Construction and equipping of a learning center for the single teenage mothers
  • Construction of a vocational training center to address youth unemployment.
  • Training and equipping our staff with skills of counselling to reduce on costs of hiring professional counselors
  • Purchase of motorcycles and a car to monitor the organizational activities
  • Payment and motivation of our staff

Current Source of Funding.

AudRay Child & Youth Care foundation Ltd (ACYCF), has the following funders.

The members carry out mobilization activities to raise money from these groups to address the urgent challenges at hand in the community.

  • God’s Chosen Ministry members. These are a total of 300 members who contribute at will.
  • Annual subscriptions by Members of ACYCF. These are 9 members who pay annual subscription fees
  • Well Wishers from the community
  • Local Churches
  • Sales of products of the organization promotional materials


The organization is calling upon more well-wishers, donors, grants to support the organization to aid achievement of organizational objectives.

To donate contact these numbers:

 0782326195 ampaire.audrey@gmail.com

 0772931423 raymonds.musiime@gmail.com

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