‘We need to empower women’ – Hon Jacklet

Sheema District Woman MP Hon. Jacklet Atuhaire Rwabukurukuru has emphasized the need to economically empower the women in the District as a way of bringing down the rampant gender-based violence. 
The MP made these remarks when she hosted the Sub County Women Council executives of the whole District to a one day working luncheon at Hotel Triangle, Mbarara recently.
At the colorful function that was spearheaded by all the Sub County Chairpersons who have been part of well-formed group for self-economic empowerment, the Woman MP noted that it is such unity that will help them achieve the mandate of Women Council if they become leaders by example.
She also highlighted that as is the pattern, the women council should embrace this year’s International Women’s theme of Equality but by tailoring it around promotion of Gender Equality and Economic Empowerment of the local woman of Sheema.
The function was well-attended by all the women executives of the 15 Sub Counties, Town Councils and Divisions who observed that there is need for increased capacity building amongst the local leaders. This was while noting the involvement in solving the increasing gender-based violence cases of which there are laws available but such cases fail to be reported. Some of these cases can be reported to the political leaders although the majority at the lower levels of Government may not be knowledgeable.

Key to note is that the Luncheon was organized to introduce to the Council members at the sub county the purpose as to which the National Women Council was established by the National Women Statute of 1993 to enable women of Uganda to participate in development processes irrespective of the tribe, religion, origin, status and political affiliation.
Hence, it is paramount for these women to mobilise and facilitate their village households to participate in development processes through sensitization, engagement in microcredit schemes and taking up income-generating projects.
The woman MP told the hugely excited crowd that it is their job as women of Sheema to embrace the government programs that will give them enough time to build on their own economic setup. She further noted to them that she will endeavor to always bring on board key programs that are crucial for the improved health and sanitation in the homes e.g. the cooking stoves that save on firewood or charcoal.
She thanked the sub county chairperson for the unending support they have given to her during her term in office. It is from this support that the Woman MP is working with the District Women Council to bring forward a workshop that is focused on Building capacity among selected leaders from the Village to District in the Month of April 2020. She noted that the National Women Structures will be strengthened through this leadership in order to actively monitor government operations and drivers for the long term success.
After the Luncheon, the women leaders asked the Woman MP to join them and take a photo in commemoration of the this year’s theme of ‘An equal world is an enabled world’.

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