VIVO Energy Uganda in an Easter Fiesta Promotional Offer

VIVO Energy Uganda in an Easter Fiesta Promotional Offer

VIVO Energy Uganda is currently running an Easter offer for customers to get free fuel instantly for every purchase made on Shell FuelSave Unleaded or Diesel at any of our Shell stations.

This promotional offer is valid countrywide from Thursday April 18th to Sunday April 21st 2019 to give as many motorists as possible an opportunity to experience our efficient Shell fuels.

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Explaining the mechanics for the offer, Emmanuel Ssebunya the Brand Manager Fuel said, “This offer is for both Shell FuelSave Diesel and Shell FuelSave Unleaded Petrol. All you have to do is Buy & Get Free Fuel.” Minimum purchase is UGX 20,000 and customers can fill up at any Shell stations and get free fuel instantly. This offer can be enjoyed by all, rider, truck drivers, bus drivers etc. Easter Fiesta is a celebration offer for all Ugandans this Easter.”

“We are aware that many of our customers travel to spend Easter holidays with family and friends so this is our Easter gift to them for their loyalty. All Shell Fuels contain exclusive DYNAFLEX Technology, which helps clean and protect key components in vehicle engines, leading to better engine efficiency. Our efficiency fuels are the gift that keeps on giving,” he added.

All motorists are invited to enjoy the Easter Fiesta at Shell.

Fill up your tanks at Shell and make their life’s journeys better.

Whatever car or bike you drive, wherever you are going, visit a Shell station to fill up get MORE & GO WELL.

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