Veteran Singer Hope Fred Mukasa on spot over Selling Ex-Wife Sheena’s Property after Divorce Judgment

Veteran Singer Hope Fred Mukasa on spot over Selling Ex-Wife Sheena’s Property after Divorce Judgment

Singer Hope Fred Mukasa is on spot for illegally trying to sell off a family property against other family members` will.

The property under review is located in Block 1, Plot 405 Mbubi Zone, Kibuga, in Lungujja. And the same belongs to his now ex-wife, Sheena Nakimuli Mukasa. This revelation follows a successful petition that was lodged by Sheena against her Ex-husband, at the Family Division of the High Court of Uganda vide Divorce Cause No.154 of 2019.

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Sheena, sought redress from the court, to end their 30-year marriage which was solemnized on 25th July 1992 at St Paul’s Cathedral Namirembe. She cites Hope’s extra-marital affair with a one Fiona, a former waitress at their hitherto family business, Sabrina’s Pub. Hope eloped with Fiona in 2014 and they are blessed with three issues between four and eleven years. In conclusion of the matter on 17th June 2022, Hon. Justice Dr. Joseph Murangira, ruled that in Sheena`s favor.

“In closing and in total consideration of the parties` pleadings, each party’s evidence, the documents presented and relied on by each party in this case, the written submissions by each party, and for the fact that each issue was resolved affirmative, I enter judgment in favor of the petitioner in the following order: As per the partial consent judgment the parties’ marriage was dissolved on 23/03/2022 and a decree nisi was issued on that date.”

The matrimonial property comprised in particulars aforementioned, ruled the Judge, remains a family property that was acquired and or developed by Sheena and Hope during the subsistence of their marriage. “The petitioner and respondent are entitled to an equal share in the said matrimonial property. They shall share equally. From the evidence adduced by the petitioner in cross examination. The respondent is staying in plot 406 together with tenants and the petitioner resides together with tenants in plot 405, my considered view therefore, Block 1 plot 406 is the share of the respondent and Block 1 plot 405 becomes the share of the respondent.”
And without prejudice, continues the ruling to order thus; “In 3 above and in the alternative if the respondent is fully interested in both plots, the respondent shall compensate the petitioner by paying the latter money in Uganda shillings equal to the current value of Block 1 plot 405. The respondent shall pay any liabilities to his creditors, mostly the additional bank loan he procured amounting to over 176 ,261, 576 to the said bank within 30 (thirty days) from the date of judgment.”

Court also ordered Hope to effect transfer forms of Block 1 plot 405 free from any encumbrances in favor of the Sheena, within thirty days from the date of judgment. He is further directed to handover the respective certificate of title to Sheena within the same period.

In case of failure to kowtow to Court directives, the execution process shall issue as per the law governing executions of court decrees. “The respondent shall not collect any rent from the tenants occupying Bock 1 plot 405, immediately hereafter the delivery of this judgment.” The Judge proceeded to grant Sheena costs of the petition. However, it now emerges that Hope has put up for sale, the said Block 1 plot 405, in contravention of the judgment. Last week on 23rd August 2022, court bailiffs in the company of Sheena’s Lawyer Derrick Tumusiime, raided the premises, reportedly after they were tipped that their client`s property was being toured by prospective buyers.

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