Uganda’s New Actress Zaitoon Ahmed Speaks Out About Her Sexiness And Film Acting

Uganda’s New Actress Zaitoon Ahmed Speaks Out About Her Sexiness And Film Acting

We reproduce the interview as told to Uganda’s entertainment website BigEye by Zaitoon Ahmed Katsurana who recently joined the Ugandan fame list when her nude photos leaked to the social media.IMG_4982

In a not so usual style, was granted an interview with famous Ugandan upcoming porn star, Ahmed Zaitoon Katsurana, a former employee at URA and now a self-employed creative in the adult-movie industry. She shared her transformation from the good girl to the baaad girl.

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1. Zaitoon Tell us about yourself?

Well, my name is Ahmed Zaitoon Katsurana. I come from a strong Muslim family. Some of my relatives reside in Kawempe though I reside in Kiwatule. I was born about 24 years ago in Kampala, and I am currently into acting.

  1. How was your childhood like? Were you as naughty as you seem now?

Nice question. Actually, I was the calm kind. Not naughty, always keeping every rule. My whole life was spent walking on egg shells. I was the kind that took back a clean sheet at home, without any discipline concerns.

  1. Recently your Nud3s came out in the public. A whole folder, didn’t that shock you?

Let me say I wasn’t shocked; it’s only that the timing wasn’t right. There is this guy I wasn’t passionately falling for. In my mind am like, why not show him something of what I have to offer. I didn’t know that the wife would later land on those photos and then upload them on google drive for the whole world. I guess, that’s why we need strong copyright rules.

  1. So what was your reaction, when you woke up and you were the talk of town?


I regretted my act of sending the photos to this guy, but I didn’t blame him. Some wives are just so protective and insecure. Why would you check your man’s phone? He will still cheat if he wants. I regretted that the photos leaked during Ramadhan, apart from that, I was okay, not that I am ugly, it boosted my self-esteem.

  1. And how did your friends, family members react? Do you walk around freely in public?


You may not believe this but the volume of attention that has come my way is overwhelming. Every minute my phone is buzzing with calls from men asking for just a minute with me and they would give me anything I desired. My relatives saw the photos and were in shock, it wasn’t the Zaitoon they were used to, the girl who prays five times a day. My parents refused to look at the photos, they say that there is no need, they have seen me for years while naked, this isn’t a big deal. I guess I have had a strong support system at home.

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  1. But where did you find the boldness to take nudes? How did the thought even begin?

They say, you only live once and if you do it right, once is enough. I was tired of pretending to be someone I wasn’t. I grew up very insecure about my body. I used to be this really modest girl to the point that I wouldn’t even wear a bikini to the pool. But one day, I read this book by some famous pornstar titled; “how to make love like a pornstar.” I could see myself in her story. I made a decision that I was going to stop caring much about people’s opinions of me. I didn’t want to go to my bed with regrets of things I should have done that I didn’t. I began buying some porn movies from Majestic Plaza, rehearsed some moves, and begun taking photos. What you saw is just like 1% of my whole nud3 collection. And those were some of the amateur shots I begun with, there are professional ones.

  1. So you used to work at URA and now you are going through a transformation?


Everyone has a calling in life. Work at URA didn’t satisfy me. I was earning money, I was living the Ugandan dream but it was all a drag-wake up in the morning, go to work, come back in the evening, take a rest, repeat the cycle. I just chose to stop going to work one day, I didn’t even send a resignation letter. All my male bosses and colleagues called to plead that I come back but I wasn’t going to put up with that stress anymore. I am not the corporate jobs kind of girl.

  1. So how do you manage to maintain your lifestyle, as in foot your bills?

In life, you have something that the gods have given you, you must find a way to use what you already have to get what you don’t. Lots of guys are willing to pay my yearly rent, there’s someone who’s responsible for maintaining my car. Generally, even if I chose to stay at home, my phone will be filled with mobile money messages, some from random strangers. It’s some kind of favour.

  1. Now that Ramadhan has come to an end, what next?


I think I am now going to come out more publicly. I have been out of the public because I respect my faith, that’s why you saw that I immediately deleted my social media accounts after my photos leaked. I want to teach Ugandans how to be comfortable in their own skin but also lead the adult entertainment revolution. Pretty lots of many things on the table, taking a pie at a serving.

  1. What’s your philosophy of life? What’s your last message?


My rules of life are simple; “if something makes you happy, go ahead and do it, we are all gonna die, why not be happy when it matters the most?” And to my fans, I will soon open up my Youtube channel and website so that they can easily reach me for private performances. I am also writing a number of books that will be sold on my website.

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