Uganda’s most celebrated duo Weasel and Radio accuse Jose Chameleone of stabbing their backs

The accusation was after Weasel eavesdropped conversation between chameleon and King Micheal about their yet to be released collabo titled “Guarantee” as the four partied at Club Play on Saturday night. This didn’t go well with the duo Weasel and Radio, they immediately accused Chamelone of stabbing their backs by doing a collabo with their ‘enemy’.

Radio and Weasel will launch their latest Album Omwana Wabandi this Friday at Hotel Africana
Radio and Weasel are not happy with Chameleone for doing collabo with King Michael

Hell broke loose when Chameleon tried to calm them down and instead King Michael, Weasel and Radio exchanged fire and almost went for each others’ necks before the bouncers separated them.

Jose Chameleone
Jose Chameleone

Jose sneaked out of the club followed by Michael and his crew. We learned that Jose Chameleone later requested King Michael to terminate the collabo but the latter refused as the shooting and official release of the songs ‘video is already set.

King Michael
King Michael

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