Uganda’s finest premium conversessions, a new thrilling online music property

Uganda’s finest premium conversessions, a new thrilling online music property

Kampala: Uganda’s Finest premium beer, Tusker Malt Lager is unveiling ‘Tusker Malt Conversessions,’ a first of its kind online video series of live performances by Uganda’s biggest vocal artistes, delivering fine acoustic versions of their hit songs like never heard before!

Tusker Malt Conversessions will take the audience on a journey beyond the music, delving deeper into the artiste’s personal life, their musical inspiration, putting the record straight on controversies, perception in the public domain and their celebrity lifestyle, among a plethora of gripping themes.With a track record of bringing Ugandans the finest music experiences, from Blankets & Wine to the Tusker Malt Music Lounge, Tusker Malt Conversessions, slated for the last Sunday of every month, is one not to be missed.

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Tusker Malt Lager, Uganda’s leading premium beer is invested in bringing the finest experience to their audience as they have outsourced the services of production powerhouse Swangz Avenue to oversee the production of the shows.“Tusker Malt Conversessions will be bringing Tusker Malt Lager consumers an authentic and unmatched musical experience that will be unlike anything you have seen before. Fans will get to watch their favourite artistes unmask themselves in this finely refreshed virtual music lounge,” said Elizabeth Mutamuliza, Premium Beer Brand Manager, UBL.The first episode of the Tusker Malt Conversessions will feature vocal gem Winnie Nwagi, whose talents in music and life off the stage tick all the boxes for what is anticipated to be a thrilling opener.Tusker Malt Conversessions is exclusively a property of Tusker Malt Lager and all shows will be live on the brand’s YouTube channel – Tusker Malt Lager Ug. Fans can also follow the conversessions on TML’s socials @tuskermaltug on Twitter and @tuskermaltlagerug on Instagram.

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