Ugandan Killed In Somalia UN Van Attack

A Ugandan working with UNICEF was among the four people killed in yesterday’s UN Van attack in Somalia. Ms Brenda Kyeyune, who had managed social mobilization and communication initiatives in support of Polio eradication in Somalia since 2014 was killed along with Mr. Payenda Gul Abed, Stephen Oduor and Ms Woki Munyui.

A statement from UNICEF read; With great sadness, UNICEF can now release the names of the four colleagues who were killed in a horrific attack as they travelled to work yesterday in Garowe, northern Somalia. These heroes as UNICEF described them were dedicated to building a better world for children in Somalia.The UN van that was attacked. Inset is Ms Brenda Kyeyune (RIP)

The van that was attacked. Inset is Brenda Kyeyune (RIP)

Five other UNICEF colleagues are being treated for injuries sustained in the attack and we hope for their speedy recovery.

Two local security personnel, unrelated to UNICEF, were also killed as a result of the attack, and four others injured.

Our thoughts are with the families of all who died, with those who were injured, and with all our staff who continue to work tirelessly in Somalia to support women and children.

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