Uganda Youth Forum to attend Paris solidarity gathering

Freedom lovers and human rights activist from across the world will gather in Paris to show their support for the freedom movement in Iran. Tens of thousands of people alongside the Uganda Youth forum UK committee will participate in this gathering to show their solidarity with people of Iran.

The Ugandan Youth forum was among the groups of youth invited to the conference which will take place on 9th of July in Paris, France. The trip was sponsored by Sponsored by the National Council of Resistance of Iran.

One of the aims for The Uganda Forum UK is to address and promote human rights, whilst promoting healthy cultural capital that enables and embodies unity.

Doreen Faith Namutebi (R) and Caroline Namugabi (L)
Doreen Faith Namutebi (R) and Caroline Namugabi (L)

Doreen Faith Namutebi fashionista, Designer and all around Business Woman will be in Paris, France together with other members of the committee who will include Caroline Namugabi who is the founder and president of the Uganda Youth forum UK. Caroline is a Psychologist and a Human Rights Activist who achieved an award in leadership in 2015 and continues to play the role of leadership within the Ugandan community in the Diaspora.

“I am very excited and honoured to be part of such a prestigious and high profiled event which attracts world leaders. This is an annual event which takes place in different cities around the world and I am glad this year’s edition is in Paris. I look forward to liaising with people from different walks of life and discussing issues which affect people in the real world whilst also building a rapport”, states Doreen.

“Caroline reports that it is a social responsibility and obligation for people to know and understand human rights, hence, why the Uganda Youth Forum UK will be taking part in the conference in France which will be coordinated by committee’s leaders Caroline Namugabi and Doreen Faith Namutebi.

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