Uganda marks World investor week 2022

Uganda marks World investor week 2022

In brief:
– Various investor education activities ongoing by the Capital Markets Authority,
partners and the Uganda Securities Exchange (USE).
– World Investor Week is a global event for initiatives aimed at investor education
and investor protection.
– Among the activities is three investor education Twitter Spaces in conjunction
with the institute of Chartered Financial Analysts(CFA) East Africa society.

Kampala; In celebration of the annual International Organization Securities Commissions (IOSCO) World Investor Week (WIW), the Capital Markets Authority (CMA), partners and licensees have organised several activities to raise awareness about investor education and investor protection initiatives.

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A number of activities have been planned during the months of October and November 2022.

Speaking about the World Investor Week, Keith Kalyegira, CEO of the CMA said: “Investorbeducation is a powerful tool against fraud, and is a means of improving financial resilience.
A smart investor understands that risk exists in all investments and never invests based solely on a celebrity endorsement.”

Mr. Kalyegira further added that the various activities being undertaken, such as Twitter Spaces on fraud and asset allocation with the institute of Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA) Society East Africa and Uganda Securities Exchange WIW meetings will go a long way in
empowering Ugandan investors.

He pointed out that the CMA has taken noted of individuals or firms holding out as investment advisers and fund managers, as well as pyramid schemes operating physically and through online platforms, which seek to take cash deposits from unsuspecting members
of the public with a promise of exceptional investment returns. He urged the Ugandan public to always seek investment advice from only licensed firms.

“It is therefore imperative that before making the decision to invest, one seeks sufficient investment advice from a licensed intermediary,” Kalyegira said.

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