Uganda awarded with The Rebuilding Travel’s Safer Tourism’s Seal

Uganda has been awarded with the Rebuilding Travel’s Safer Tourism’s Seal.

The Safer Tourism Seal is awarded as a demonstration that the winning entity has done everything possible to assure the highest level of tourism surety possible.

What this means is Uganda through Uganda Tourism Board and relevent stakeholders,has established a dynamic tourism surety program that demands continual reviews, revisions and upgrades.
It is also an acknowledgement that Uganda fully understands that new measures must be introduced as situation warrants.

The seals use of the term “safer tourism” is based on the fact that there is no 100% safety and security in the world.
This is a very big win for Uganda because it will go along way in regaining the confidence of travellers wishing to travel to Uganda as we restart tourism.

UTB boss: Lilly Ajarova

“My sincere thanks to the team at Uganda Tourism Board who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure the necessary requirements for being awarded the seal were met,” Lilly Ajarova, UTB boss said.

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