UG Pineapple Takes Comedy to Gulu

UG Pineapple Takes Comedy to Gulu

Saturday was the first night Uganda Waragi Pineapple was officially introduced to Gulu town. The new Pineapple variant held a comedy show for its customers at Gulu’s hottest most happening spot, Smiling Panda.

The show was a hit, but what revelers loved most on top of their best comedians was the Uganda Waragi Pineapple flavor. As people walked in for the comedy show which kicked off at 9am with comedienne Agnes Akite, they were handed a free shot or cocktail of Uganda Waragi Pineapple.

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Ambrose Blick, 30, says while he loves the Uganda Waragi Original flavor, the Pineapple flavor is good because it is calming.

Paul Open Mic says UG Pineapple is the baddest because the idea of a flavor is great because it hides what will knock you out. He says the flavor is smooth and friendly to the palate.

Irene who owns Love Nest Hotel in Gulu says the UG Pineapple flavor is good and her customers love it because it is not too rough and doesn’t sting her throat when going down.

Silva from Italy says the UG Pineapple Flavor is good. She loves pineapples and the idea of blending Uganda Waragi with mouthwatering tastiest pineapples from Uganda is great because the flavor is amazing yet she can still feel the gin.

Sophie from America says the UG Pineapple flavor is super fun because she can taste the sweetness of the pineapple and the bitterness of the gin creating an irresistible combination.

Nana from Finland says the UG Pineapple flavor is nice and she especially prefers it in a cocktail. She says she has fallen in love with Ugandan pineapples which are by far the tastiest she has ever eaten. So the idea of finding a gin which continues this taste is good for her.

Marvin from Gulu University say Uganda Waragi has managed to create a delicious flavor which can be enjoyed by people who are also starting to enjoy gins. He says the flavor is gentle to the palate making it easy to transition to other flavors and gins.

Pius say the new flavor has an irresistible aroma and is a good addition to other flavors like the UG Original and UG Pineapple. He says it is a delicious combination of UG infused with fresh pineapple creating a smoother taste.

Performances included comedians Salvador, Daniel Omara, Teacher Mpamire, Agnes Akite and musicians Mr. Eezzy and Gravity Omutujju.

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