Tumusiime Flavia explains why she quit television career after 20 years

Tumusiime Flavia explains why she quit television career after 20 years

Media personality Tumusiime Flavia Kabuura has television after 20 years. While posting on her social Media pages, the former NTV News anchor explained reasons behind her end of television career.

“Happy Monday. Praying you’re all happy and healthy and walking the path of greatness.

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I start the week with good news. After 20 years in television, I have chosen to challenge myself again.

In 2015, I was given an opportunity by Maurice Mugisha to join the newsroom at NTV-Uganda as an anchor and that challenge was accepted with fear and grace. Thank you Aggie Konde who at the time insisted I will do great and didn’t give time to my anxiety.

Thank you for the training and the platform that has rebranded me and helped my career adjust to a new vision I have since set for myself.

Thank you to the viewer. YOU have been the reason for a lot of my success and I will never take you for granted.

April 2021 was my last month as anchor and host at NTV-Uganda and the start of great changes in both my career (media personality,content creator and business partner) and life as a wife and mother.

You will always be part of my life and I don’t intend to hide the next move or actions of my life.

For now, mine is gratitude for where I’ve been and who I’ve become and I hope young people will now occupy these spaces we are leaving and that you’ll do great things. Love and light. Ok,” Flavia said.

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