Three Main Benefits of Finding a Job Using an Online Job Board


By Nana Aning

Job search is one of the most tedious activities any job seeker can undertake. This task can be stressful when the job seeker keeps missing out on opportunities. This task has been made easier with the introduction of online job boards. These online job portals bring together employers and job seekers on a single platform. These online job posting boards are a hub of job opportunities from several different categories and areas.

Most online job boards currently have more than a thousand jobs posted with a daily average of ten jobs posted each day. Using WealthBankers Job Arena as an example, there are currently more than 1,000 jobs currently posted from 19 mainly English speaking countries. The reason why a lot of employers prefer to post jobs on these job boards is due in part to the reach they have.

Why should I use online job boards?

There are several reasons why a job seeker should use an online job board. In this article, only three reasons will be discussed. The three listed here are considered to be the main reasons why most job seekers use them and why you should use them as well.

Number of jobs available

The first major reason why most job seekers use online job boards is due to the number of jobs available. Most online job boards have more than a thousand jobs posted across several different categories that include Accounting, Customer service, Engineering and Programming among many others.

Most of these online job boards post an average of 10 new jobs each day. This in turn translates to an average of 70 new jobs each week and 280 new jobs each month. This means that before the year ends, there would have been an average of 3,360 new jobs posted on these websites.

With this average number of jobs that span several categories, it is easy to understand why many job seekers are using these platforms to search for jobs. They are not only searching for jobs but finding them and getting employed as well.

Cheap and time saving

With most job seekers being unemployed, managing the limited funds available is very important. This therefore means that it would be unwise for an unemployed job seeker to spend money buying newspapers just to check for jobs that they may not be qualified or eligible for.

All job seekers need is to have access to the internet on an internet enabled device or computer to be able to view and apply for these jobs. Job seekers can also sign up for notifications to be sent directly to their emails or devices when certain jobs are posted. This also means that job seekers have access to the latest jobs as soon as they are posted.

This way is better than the previous way where job seekers had to physically travel to companies that were probably not employing or recruiting to apply for jobs. If you factor in the time spent, applications and CVs printed, and transportation, you can see how expensive it really is.

Makes head hunting easier for employers

There are times when vacancies become available and employers just want to fill them without necessarily advertising. In this instance, some visit some of these online job portals and view the CVs and resumes of potential candidates.

There are several cases where people have reported that they were called to an interview for a position they never applied for. In this case the employers just wanted to head hunt for suitable candidates without posting any job ad.

How to use them to find jobs

All a job seeker has to do to find the jobs on online job boards is to first visit the site. Once on the site, the job seeker can use the search engine on the site to find relevant jobs in the area or category they desire. Once the results are displayed, you can look through the options displayed and find the ideal job you want and apply. Most of these jobs have the requirements, roles, deadlines and relevant information displayed in case you are not sure if you are eligible or not.

Are they really that important?

The importance of these platforms cannot be underestimated at all. These online job boards are helping people on a daily basis to find their ideal jobs. Whatever your reason may be for not joining and using them, just know that you are missing out on lots and lots of great job opportunities.


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