The Ultimate Beauty preparations before your wedding – Olga Nampima

Makeup star Olga Nampima has explained ways of how you can prepare your beauty before your big day (Wedding). Here they are:

2 WEEKS BEFORE; Trim, colour or relax hair. If you’re having it away from your face which I highly recommend as this not only flatters your facial features, it shows off and enhances your face and the beautiful glow you have been working on for the past few months.

GENTAL FACIALS; Again try and exfoliate regularly as this helps remove the buildup of dead skin cells and regenerate cell renewal.

1 WEEK BEFORE; Time to wax off all those unwanted hairs, Shape your Eyebrows, Twizz, Thread, Tint or even consider having the semi permanent 3D eyebrows and save yourself the hustle of grooming them on a daily basis.

Olga Nampima will be at Bride and Groom Expo 2016
Olga Nampima will be at Bride and Groom Expo 2016

3 DAYS BEFORE; Exfoliate face, Fresh Mani & Pedi or even a full body Scrub.   1 DAY BERORE; Have plenty of beauty sleep     or book yourself in a nice hotel and snuggle in a lovely robe, order room service.

WEDDING DAY!! Smile- it’s your wedding day! Have a nice soak in the bath/shower, moisturize from Head-To-Toe. Order for that glass of champagne whilst the hair Dresser and Makeup Artist make a fuss over you.

FINALLY WALK DOWN THAT AISLE AND OWN IT!!  See you all at the Bride & Groom Expo from a professional and certified Skincare, Specialist and Makeup Artist…Olga Nampima.

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