Thank You My Fans – Desire Luzinda

Curvy singer Desire Luzinda has said she has survived her nude pictures’ scandal thanks to comforting messages from her fans into her Facebook inbox. The singer has been off the scene ever since nude photos leaked to the media late last month.Desire Luzinda thanked fans for being on her side Desire Luzinda thanked fans for being on her side

The ‘Equation’ star thanked fans through her Facebook page yesterday for the overwhelming support. Although she is yet to come to terms with the scandal, the singer said she is at least feeling ok thanks to messages from her love fans.

During the scandal, the singer released a new track titled ‘Ekitone’ which is doing well on airwaves and YouTube.

Many Ugandans have sympathised with her fans and attacked her Nigerian ex lover who leaked the pictures calling him a coward. Her Facebook has shoot up going to more than 82,000 likes from 50,000 within two weeks. Below is her post on Facebook yesterday.

Desire Luzinda
Since my brutal attack, I have since survived and comforted by over whelming support and messages in my in box. Just to let you know that I may not reply to all but I read and treasure all the kind words. God bless you.

Desire Luzinda's latest tune EkitoneDesire Luzinda’s latest tune Ekitone

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