Talent Africa Launches First Edition Of Legends of Sound

Talent Africa Launches First Edition Of Legends of Sound

Talent Africa presents the first edition of Legends of Sound, an annual event property that brings together legendary acts from Uganda and the world to showcase the rich tapestry of iconic music.

This year, Legends of Sound celebrates the remarkable 48-year journey of the Afrigo Band, accompanied by the electrifying presence of international lingala star, Awilo Longomba scheduled to take place on August 5th at the Kampala Sheraton Gardens.

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During the first press conference that happened at Talent Africa offices in Kololo Awilo Longomba spoke about his admiration for the legendary Ugandan band referring to them as the best in East Africa.

“I am very excited to be associated with the Afrigo band. Afrigo band was and is still the best and biggest band in Uganda,” Awilo noted.

The Afro-pop legend known for his energetic performances and infectious beats also expressed his excitement about collaborating with Afrigo Band.

“The fusion of the kind of music they do makes me more attracted to Afriqo. The government of Uganda needs to celebrate the Afrigo band. The audience must expect the very special fusion between Awilo and Afrigo band.” He added.

Awilo Longomba was in the country a few days ago to perform at a private function and then do intensive rehearsal sessions with Afrigo Band, ensuring a seamless fusion of their distinct musical styles for this iconic live concert.

Legends of Sound, Afrigo at 48 promises an exceptional concert experience for all attendees. In addition to the electrifying performances on stage, the event offers a range of unique offstage experiences.

Guests can look forward to an immersive international concert atmosphere, with state-of-the-art production, stunning visuals, and superior sound quality.

The press briefing, held during a sundowner cocktail at the Talent Africa office, hosted by RS Elvis was attended by members press, Afrigo Band and Awilo Longomba.

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