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Gabiro Mtu Necessary enlists Us Based Kenyan DJ – DJ Calvince in a new single Kele Koni

Denzel Shantel- May 30, 2023

Gabiro Mtu Necessary, a fast-rising Kenyan star, has released his latest single titled "Kele Koni." The term "Kele Koni" translates to "bring it on" or ... Read More

Pole Pole – Marsh Featuring Gabiro MTU Necessary released

Denzel Shantel- October 1, 2017

Latest info reaching us has it that a new song titled 'Pole Pole' by the legendary Marsh featuring Kisumu city's most sought after award winning ... Read More

Kenyan singer Gabiro releases single titled Low Key featuring Matamu

Denzel Shantel- August 19, 2017

Kisumu city’s most sort after award winning performing and  recording artist, Gabiro Mtu Necessary, has released a new music video titled ‘Low Key’  directed by ... Read More

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