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Laika Umuhoza shakes up Kampala Creme with her stellar debut!

Denzel Shantel- March 5, 2024

Hold onto your seats, folks, because the Ugandan reality TV sensation, Kampala Creme, just dropped a bombshell that has caused a frenzy all over town! ... Read More

Television queen Etania unleashes saucy images 

Anthony Nash- November 30, 2021

NTV Uganda presenter Etania Mutoni has caused internet jam after she posted some of the sauciest images on the web. She posted two hot pictures ... Read More

Photos: Etania Mutoni in stunning bikini show

Denzel Shantel- May 30, 2021

Television personality Etania Mutoni is becoming a force to reckon with on social scene. The stunning beauty and NTV Mix Show presenter who calls herself ... Read More

Pictorial: Mesmerizing photos that rocked social media last week unleashed

Denzel Shantel- October 5, 2020

In the past week, celebrities and fashionistas as well as slay queens unleashed some of the gorgeous pictures to their fans and followers. The photos ... Read More

Pictorial: This is how celebrities, fashionistas rocked social media today

Denzel Shantel- September 14, 2020

As COVID-19 continue to cause fear across  the world, our celebrities and fashionistas have not run shot of poses to entertain us. On a daily ... Read More

Pictorial: This is how celebrities slayed on Social media

Denzel Shantel- August 27, 2020

Social media is blazing with some stunning photos from different individuals, celebrities and fashionistas as well as slay queens. It’s the battle ground for the ... Read More

Pictorial: NTV Uganda, NBS Television reignite rivalry with top notch oldies nights

Denzel Shantel- August 23, 2020

Two of the leading country’s television stations unleashed their mighty power on entertainment by hosting two oldies nights. What is interesting is that the two ... Read More

Pictorial: Top social media shots of yesterday

Denzel Shantel- August 19, 2020

As we begin the day, we bring you top shots on social media yesterday. The shots are mesmerizing and saucy. Celebrities, fashionistas, slay queens and ... Read More

Pictorial: These are the poses that rocked social media today

Denzel Shantel- August 13, 2020

Social media is these days a place to be because of smashing photos posted by different celebrities. The pictures are mesmerizing and saucy. Fashionista Tianah ... Read More

Pictorial: Sizzling photos that rocked social media unleashed

Denzel Shantel- August 2, 2020

Deep into the weekend, this is how our celebrities, slay queens and fashionistas rocked social media on Saturday. Television stars Argatha Loswash and Tinah Teise ... Read More

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