Shumuk charged for forging documents

Shumuk charged for forging documents

City Businessman Mukesh Babubhai Shukla aka Shumuk arrested and Charged for forging documents that involved the Chief Justice Bart Katureebe and the Katatumba Family with intent to steal Boney Katatumba’s property.

Mukesh was detained at Jinja road police station and was forced to appear at Buganda Road Court at 9am Tuesday, 20th November 2018.

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Case Number;

*1. CID HQ GEF 1089/2017*
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Police summoned and arrested him at CID Kibuli.

Mukesh forged documents which involved the Chief Justice and The Katatumba family with the intent to steal Hotel Diplomaté Muyenga.

Mukesh has been using the forgeries to open cases at Makindye Court and in the Lands Division of High Court.


H.E Prof. Boney Mwebesa Katatumba won the main court between him and Mukesh Shukla in Commercial Court on November 3rd 2014.
The Honourable Justice Peter Henry Adonyo ruled against Shumuk ordering him to pay Katatumba 54Billion Shillings and he even went ahead to cancel all the titles of; *Hotel Diplomaté, Katatumba Suites and Katatumba’s 200 Acres on Banda Island in Kalangala*, that Shumuk had fraudulently transfered in his names. Shumuk then Appealed in the Court of Appeal, and also applied for a stay of execution of which was granted to him.

Surprisingly, instead of Shumuk focusing on his upcoming Appeal, he decided it best, to reopen the very same case with the exact same facts where Katatumba thoroughly thrashed him in, in different lower Courts of so far; in Makindye Court in November 2017 where he lost to Angella Katatumba with costs and more recently in Lands Division High Court in desperate hopes of getting vacant possession of Katatumba’s Hotel Diplomaté.

War erupts between CID and DPC Jinja Road Police Mucunguzi

The CID Kibuli protested in the strongest terms the actions of the Jinja Road DPC Mucunguzi of aiding Mukesh Shukla aka Shumuk’s escape from Jinja Road police custody in the middle of Monday night.

Shumuk had been arrested by the CID and detained at Jinja Road Police Station on Monday 19th November 2018 at 3pm, for forgery that involved the Chief Justice and The Katatumba Family in an attempt to steal Katatumba’s Hotel Diplomaté.

Angella Katatumba

He was to be taken by the CID and to be arraigned in Buganda Road Court on Tuesday 20th November 2018 at 9am.

The CID then tasked the DPC Jinja Road Mucunguzi to produce their suspect Shumuk in Court with immediate effect.
Upon the late arrival of the DPC Jinja Road Police station Muchunguzi to Buganda Road Court, who chauffeured Shumuk in very late at 10:40am instead of 9am when Shumuk was expected, the DPC was swarmed with journalists questioning him on what authority he released Shumuk on Bond in the middle of Monday night, when he was instructed by the CID to detain Shumuk?
Mucunguzi completely denied releasing Shumuk on bond, saying he never, ever did such a thing. Though when Muchunguzi was tasked to explain where Shumuk spent the night? He had no answer.

Muchunguzi was further embarrassed in Court, when Shumuk revealed that indeed, Muchunguzi had given him a bond on Monday night and he even produced it in Court.

The Katatumba Family are so excited that the law finally caught up with Shumuk.

Shumuk was charged at Buganda Road with 6 counts of forgery, 6 counts of uttering false documents and 1 count of conspiracy to commit a felony. He was granted bail, and the hearing starts on Monday, November 26th 2018.

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