Sheema Woman MP launches Soy Bean project

Farmers in Sheema District are full of excitement and hope after receiving 15 Metric Tons of Soy Bean Foundation seeds for the beginning farming season.

The new development was launched yesterday with efforts by Sheema Woman Member of Parliament Hon. Jacklet Atuhaire, who has further incorporated Sheema Development Initiatives limited, a company by guarantee that will among other activities provide platforms to determine strategic choice decisions, as a critical investment component in line with post planting agronomic incentives.

Hon Jacklet Delivering Soy bean seeds
Hon Jacklet Delivering Soy bean seeds

Aware of the depleted Mukene-fish in Lake Victoria and other water bodies which has negatively affected the production of quality poultry feeds and inconsideration of the higher nutrient value of soy beans as the best alternative for animal feeds, farmers in Sheema are guaranteed to gain from a very ready market which also will be coordinated by the company.

Based on considerations of a one acre piece of land per household as minimum threshold, availability of labour and good soil test fertility findings carried out earlier, Sheema will receive Mak soy 3N and this  will be distributed to farmers especially those ready to plant onto open ploughed gardens for better yields. Besides, the Ministry of Agriculture –Operation Wealth Creation activities/incentives will continue without any interference.


The Mak soy 3N variety has been chosen because it is high yielding up to 700 Kgs per acre, with full maturity of less than 105 days. The variety is resistant to diseases and pests more so soybean rust disease and resistant to lodging and pod shattering; it’s also promiscuous in the formation of active nodules with local rhizobia; its rich in protein over (60%) and oil (20%) contents; having high pod clearance; and having general end-user acceptance in terms of seed appearance and other traits that make it irresistibly good.

The programme  therefore, aims at  boosting  agricultural productivity,  through  fueling activities that will entail: Lighting  up massive agro-production enterprises in a zonal model, Orientation of  rural farmers towards commercial soy bean  farming,  Industrialization of  agriculture through cottage processing units  and  the Integration of  various value chain initiatives-from production to value addition levels. The programme will be crowned by marketing of soy bean as a house hold income jump starting prime crop in the District.

This approach will further guarantee quantity in terms of soybean reproduction per acre because the variety is good and the promoters will help in providing good quality of soy-products after processing for  a wider market. Farmers will also attain basics of developing a strategic farming framework and on how to share good farming practices alike to cooperatives, leading to the overall success of agro-business in the District.

The role of scientists especially Professor Phenekansi Tukamuhabwa, a renowned Soybean researcher and breeder is important in this programme that will go a long way to change the entire agro-economics in Sheema District.

Finally, besides agricultural extension service providers, that will go  up to household level,in consideration of  the prevailing production  dynamics for improved  house hold income more strategic participants in this life changing agricultural programme will be required because it’s an integral approach to human safety (food security) ; for example, whereas matters of national security can be conceived to imply attacking ones safety by a hurting weapon or rebellion etcetera , hunger and poverty are the other more severe  forms of insecurity that stakeholders in the core security domain should come out to combat by supporting rural agricultural transformation initiatives; and these all  will be involved for this programme to be a success.

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