Sheebah, Navio to headline first ever Walkers Tour

Sheebah, Navio to headline first ever Walkers Tour

If word about the forthcoming Walkers Tour hasn’t reached you, it might be a reminder for you to re-consider your party connects.

The tour which was flagged off last week during the launch of Johnnie Walker’s To the Ones Who campaign is set to hold its maiden instalment in Kampala this Saturday.

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The tour is set to realize the campaign agenda, which is crafted to celebrate creatives across Africa, who in their different trades and walks of life illuminate Johnnie Walker’s long-standing Keep Walking mantra.

In Uganda, this will see the brand traverse the countryside and regions out of the capital to celebrate and highlight creatives and the youth, who in their different spaces have exemplified the brand’s Keep Walking mantra.

The maiden tour is expected to kick-start a series of tours around the country with the Kampala edition set to be headlined by songstress Sheebah Karungi and the brand’s recently appointed National Walker, Navio.

The pop-stars will perform to beats and mixes from DJ Slick Stuart and DJ Sesse with celebrated media multi-hyphenate Ms. Deedan as the master of proceedings.

Johnnie Walker Brand Manager, Christine Kyokunda spoke about the aim of the tour emphasizing that it is an inclusive opportunity for the brand to shine a light and bring in creatives and thought leaders from other parts of the country to realize the campaign’s agenda.

“This campaign is designed to celebrate every step that the youth today take and continue to take. We are beginning here in Kampala but are also taking it up country in major cities and towns to celebrate and shine a light on the youth there that have also exceedingly exemplified our Keep walking Mantra,” Kyokunda said.

“The queen herself Sheebah who in every bit and piece of her work has shown that consistency, hard work and being non-conformist will be our first headliner. She produces progress and reshapes culture for the better. There will be lots of Johnnie Walker cocktails and the best bottle offers,” she added.

Navio, who is the face of the campaign, emphasized that for him it’s a big deal that brands like Johnnie Walker are now taking notice of the effort that the youth are making to be better and to impact culture.

“For me, it’s more about brands like Johnnie Walker realizing that the youth today though having dealt with traumas and the conditions on the continent or recently the pandemic, their tenacity and will to still shine and keep walking in their different passions, talents and creative spaces has not changed,” Navio said.

“It’s a big deal that Johnnie Walker through this campaign is highlighting that and bringing it to the fore front. I am more than proud to be a part of this. The tour kicks off this Saturday April 2nd at the Garden City Rooftop and tickets are free on .

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