Sex, money and greed bring Laftaz Comedy Lounge crushing to the ground as Uganda Comedy Industry’s future remains uncertain

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Comedy in Uganda had become a house hold name but it seems love for money, greed and sex have torn the company apart.

Laftaz Comedy Lounge at Centenary Park, formed years ago has come crushing, we can confirm. Issues to do with money, Greed and women have contributed to the down of the comedy lounge that had become a famous dose for laughters every Wednesday.

Laftaz Comedy Lounge Kampala has collapsed

Jonathan Kyeyo who headed the come lounge confirmed the demise of the lounge. Its closer comes days after one of the directors, Napoleone Ehmah called it quits saying he was headed for solo career.

Laftaz Comedy was born from The Crackers after it developed cracks and collapsed.

Napoleone Ehmah

No more weekly comedy at Laftaz comedy lounge Kampala, proprietor/manager Jonathan Kyeyo confirms. This comes as bad news to the hundreds of comedy lovers, that showed up every Wednesday night, for the ever exciting comedy shows. However, Laftaz Jinja, will continue hosting some shows.

Jonathan, had this to say “I would like to make it clear, by dispelling a few rumours that have been spreading recently, that management had split up because of money issues.” The fact is that we are all too busy, running various projects and comedy is not our priority at the moment”

We shall honestly miss the weekly shows.

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