Sasha Ferguson speaks out about her rumoured breakup with Canary

Television personality and Fashionista Sasha Ferguson has spoken out for the first time since rumours broke out that she had separated with her boyfriend Canary Mugume. The power couple was rumoured to have separated a few months ago and they remained tight lipped about the news. Sasha who is giving out her life story ahead of her birthday on 10th July said she has been devastated by the false news. She told this website that the news has circulated a lot and that it was high time to clear the air.

Mugume Canary and Sasha Ferguson.
Mugume Canary and Sasha Ferguson

“I think it has really circulated a lot that me and Canary broke up and am seeing someone else….its false. I just need privacy in my relationship that’s all. Am actually opening up about my relationship this week ahead of my Saturday birthday,” Sasha said.


The television personality has dedicated the first week of July to reveal her life story tilted ‘Countdown to my birthday 10th July’ to the public ahead of birthday on July 10th. Below is her story so far’

Countdown to my birthday 10th July

Let me start with the journey of my education life briefly

I went to Greenhill kindergarten, Buganda road primary school, Aga Khan High school for my O’ level, St Noah Girls for my A’ level and currently at Makerere University pursuing a Bachelor in Humanities and Social science but specializing in Psychology and Social Administration,

YES,…it’s also true I took a break from Media(TV) a few months back, let me count seven months apparently and am yet to unwrap more about it. A lot of people have been asking me that question, I guess it’s now time to sound it with an answer:)….probably I’v been too silent about it but now, it’s time to tell you everything you didn’t know about Sasha Ferguson…*comment* with your question…all answers will be in my next post.

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Day 2

At the age of 15 years, I joined Teen’s club after emerging Miss Teen, to be honest in the first place, I never thought of myself being a Tv presenter. I kept on asking myself “How on earth can I be bold enough to start talking to cameras that are not going to respond to me??…Like who does that!!!…But! With the strong backbone I had “my mum” who has been supportive right from day one up to now actually made me realize and surface the potential I had within me.

Yes, I never talk about my father because I didn’t grow up with him, he is there and am proud to be called his daughter.

With no doubt!…am also a proud Tanzanian by the name ……

Let’s start from there on day 3.

Thank you for showing me love both on my wall and Inbox…I really do appreciate.



As the saying goes….”There is a price paid for everything”. So here, let me share with you a short story about my life in media…no hesitation the first 1-2years…it was a life full-packed with a lot of fun.. I mean!!, think of going to places without having to introduce yourself…it’s a good feeling, not so??…be my witness on that.


You know, when you are living a close to a perfect life where by almost everything is moving on well…FAME was the ishhh then, its like becoming rich within an over-night…you know that feeling??..of-course it can’t leave you the same but well, here am talking about being famous….someone famous is found ‘cool’ even in their mistakes, this kind of person can set trends for the rest.

So if you have understood that clearly, here is my point…when you get in a life you had never been in especially at a tender age, you really don’t know how to handle it until you grow a little older and realize that actually being in a celebrity world leaves you with no privacy, if you are okay with it…well and good! And if you not…what do you do??…I leave that to you. People have had different perspectives about who Sasha Ferguson is!!! Because of what they read on tabloids and newspapers, I never really come out to rectify or defend myself in anyway.. No, …rumors will always circulate around, blah blah blah…but you can’t stop people from talking about you.


These are the same people who are going to start seeing the fault in your stars, judge your relationship like as if you got advice from them while getting into it, ….these are the same people who are going to announce the number of break ups you have had along the way…and it’s funny how they never talk about the make ups. Am not a book to be read that one can choose to read all chapters.

In my continuation on DAY 4, am going to tell you about my most embarrassing moment …..stay blessed. Eid is gone #July10th

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