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Rukungiri’s hottest law firm babe unveiled

Marion Ryabureire comes from a part of the world where most women are hot as hell. This isn’t a stereotype, I’ve been to Rukungiri and every woman there almost is drop dead gorgeous.


That Marion was able to rise even above all that hotness to become a professional hot person shows just how beautiful she is. She’s got a dynamite rack that I’d like very much to motorboat all night long.


I want to motorboat it until I get a cramp and have to wear a neck brace. But to me the most exciting part of these pictures is her incredible, breathtaking, unbelievable booty and body.


It’s all sandy and perfect and we wish she was at the beach. This thing should be in a museum so that artists can come to copy the perfect butt. She should get an extra paycheck just for that butt.


Which makes me really want to go back to Rukungiri. That place is like an adult wonderland.  Catch her at Mukiibi and Namanya Company Advocates, a young but promising law firm in town located on Kampala Road.


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