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Radio, Weasel Sweden show flops

All was not well for singing duo of Radio and Weasel after their Sweden show flopped massively.
Sources say the duo’s show in Sweden was a total flop because Ugandans boycotted it.

Weasel at Christinia, Denmark's marijuana hub
Weasel at Christinia, Denmark’s marijuana hub

Normally when they are coming to perform in Sweden, the promoters of Denmark also hire them to perform in Denmark but this time around the promoters in Denmark refused to hire them because they were scared it would flop as well and the fact that they fought in Denmark last year no promoter wanted to associate with them.

So after their performance in Sweden they had to take a train to Denmark and the destination was Christinia, the famous Danish marijuana pusher street Where We snapped Weasel enjoying with some zungu friends.

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